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Extreme weather videos from my archive over the past 20 years!

Lightning Timelapse - Lincoln, NE - August 21, 2019

Lightning strikes in timelapse video as the storm rolls in from the northwest.

Lightning Strike with Explosion - Lincoln, NE

Got an extra surprise while filming lightning strikes in Lincoln, NE. A giant explosion with this lightning strike!

Posted by Nebraska Storms on Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Lightning Strike with Explosion - Lincoln, NE


Supercharged storm over Lincoln, NE - June 14, 2019

Approaching storm with a constant crackling of lightning as it moves in from the west.

Wicked Lightning Timelapse Video - Lincoln, NE - June 15, 2019

Intense Nebraka lightning storm with lots of sky crawlers - best viewed mirroed on the big screen, lights off, and volume up!

Gorgeous Sunset - Lincoln, NE - August 3, 2019

Nebraska August Sunset timelapse with amazing rays! It reminds me of the northern lights dancing across the sky.

Beutiful Nebraska Sunset - Lincoln, NE - August 20, 2019

Nebraska August Sunset timelapse video! Multiple layers of clouds moving in different directions with a setting sun as the backdrop.

Tornado - Lincoln, NE - June 19, 2008

Brief tornadic spin up from this small thunderstorm just outside Lincoln, NE city limits (around 114th and Fletcher looking north) It's a quick touchdown, but you can see the circulation spin up dust at the surface.

Lightning Explosion - Lincoln, NE - June 28, 2005

Lightning strike with explosion in Lincoln, NE. Added slow-mo section to really highlight the strike and numerous power flashes. Oh wow!

AWESOME fireworks finale - 4th of July, 2019 - Lincoln, NE

No mile wide tornado here or mothership storm structure here, just an action packed fireworks finale from 4th of July! Mirror the video on the big screen TV, turn off the lights, crank up the volume, and enjoy the show!

Monster Storms 2008 - Trailer Video

Several clips from some of the best storm chases of 2008! Supercells, wall clouds, tornadoes, and even a TIV (tornado intercept vehicle) drive-by!

RARE Night Tornado - Pratt, KS

Watch this tornado at night recorded using Night Vision - Pratt, KS - May 7th, 2002. Higher quality video will be posted soon.

More videos coming soon!

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